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Boodle Brigade

Boodle Brigade

What is Boodle Brigade?
Our YEAR ROUND convenient, care package plan featuring seasonal boodle favorites.

Why should I join the Boodle Brigade?
Convenience - order now to send love and support all year long!
No membership fee
FREE delivery to West Point

What plan options are there?
4 selection-plan.............$100
5 selection-plan.............$125
6 selection-plan.............$150
7 selection-plan.............$175 

How do I sign-up?
Simply check the box next to your selections below then type in a special message to be included with each of your selections.

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    Seasonal Specials
  • August - Back in the Saddle

    Kick off the start of the new academic year with a "Back in the Saddle" boodle box.
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  • September - Go Army!

    Celebrate Fall and football with this spirited blend of seasonal snacks. It's a two-touchdown certainty that they'll enjoy this pig skin boodle!

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  • December - Exam Survival Package

    Let us help you support your cadet through those late night/early morning study hours with our exam survival package.
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  • February - Be My Valentine

    Send love to your cadet with our Valentine-themed boodle box. Complete with Valentine candies and traditional boodle favorites, it is sure to make a heart happy.
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  • May - Home Stretch

    It's exam time again, but now it's the Home Stretch! Provide your cadet with the little bit of encouragement (and sustenance!) they need to make it through these final study days.
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